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Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Wed Nov 24 07:28:03 CST 2004

Message from Bill Curbishley 

Rumours that Pino Palladino and Zak Starkey are going
to discontinue 
working with the Who in the future are not true. All
great musicians 
Zak and Pino work with a wide range of artists. They
are in constant 
demand and obviously eager to expand their musical
boundaries. However, 
the work they do together under the Who banner has a
special and unique 
place in their life and one that they value musically
the most.

They are regarded by Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and
myself, and I 
am sure by the majority of their fans, as important
pivotal members of 
incredible touring band still billed as the Who. At no
time have Roger 
Pete considered using any other musicians to record or
tour with. We 
feel we still have much to offer and achieve as a
group and were 
forward to completing an album for eventual release
next year.

Bill Curbishley

When i first read this it was; what the fuck? 

Not having trawled through the news or internet for
ages, all i've heard is speculation - third hand at
best. But obviously i have missed the rumours going
around. My initial though was, thank fuck for that.
Zak at least, to me, is a permanent member. I don't
want to see anyone else playing with them; not even
Simon Phillips. 
My next reaction was, is this a smoke screen while
ongoing talks abound about them getting a proper
deal/billing on any new recordings? Reading between
the lines of rabbit's post, it sounds like it has been
discussed in the past. He mentions the legal side and
how "difficult" it would be to aportion royalties etc.

Pino, as good as he is, is to me, an out-and-out
session player. Zak has been with us for nearly 10
years! Just as, or even longer than kenny. HE MUST

I bumped into ZAk last month in Brighton. I stopped
him in the street, said hello, the usual, love your
work and let him get on his way. I did tell him he is
wasted on Oasis. Underused was my term. I hope he
listened and regards himself as a MEMBER of the Who.
(or whatever other name people want them to use- not
an issue for me) I regard him as a MEMBER of my
favorite band. I hope the "BAND" realises he is not
despensible!No way, never. 

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