Better Off Not Live

Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Nov 23 17:38:19 CST 2004

> > One could make a case for "Who Are You," as well.
> Now you've gone insane.  Who Are You has to be their best stage number since 
> Who's Next.  Sure we've heard it too much now, but that shouldn't be held 
> against it.

All true, but, live versions of WAY surpass the studio version?  I'm not
sure I know the answer myself.  My gut says, no, the live versions *don't*
surpass the studio version.  But, you're right - it's such a strong live number
(if the backing vocals are on!).

I think we're getting into that weird territory here where personal definitions 
come into play.  I could say that no live version of "Baba O'Riley" has captured
the magic & originality of the studio version, but I would never say that "Baba"
is one of those "Better Off Not Live" songs!  

I concede, it's the same with "Who Are You."  So, let's keep 'em both off
that list.

More "Better Off Not Live" songs (IMO):

"Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand"
"The Kids Are Alright"  (yep-ers)
"Tommy, Can You Hear Me"
"Pure & Easy"
"Long Live Rock"

- SCHRADE in Akron

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