Better Off Not Live

Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Nov 23 16:54:23 CST 2004

> >And let's not forget "You Better, You Bet."  No live version has topped
> > the studio version of that song, either.
> Scott, really?  I'm the opposite; I like the live versions but the
> studio version of YBYB is my least favorite Who song of all.

Oh my, the backing vocals on the live versions of YBYB are always horrible.
They ruin the song.  Same with most of the live versions of WAY, too, I'm
afraid.  Weak backing vocals.

> But you're the guy who doesn't like the E-jam instrumental in Amazing
> Journey/Sparks too.  I meant to ask you why you don't like that segue.
> How come? 

Whoa there, Daddy-O!  That E-jam you mention is probably one of my 
all-time favorite live Who moments!  When did I say I didn't like that jam?
I love it!!  Seriously!  That jam, the YMB jams, & the "Heaven & Hell"
jams (mainly from the '69 - '70 period) are my favorite live Who moments.

Jim, you may be thinking of the time I criticized the AJ/S E-jam from LAL
because I thought Pete played it too safe with the repetitive chord strums
as opposed to one of his manic solos.

But let's set the record straight here:  I *love* that jam.  It's so primal.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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