It's Hard

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Subject: Re: It's Hard
> It can be, but it wasn't kind to Pete.  Fashion had
a lot to do with it, 
> obviously. 

I'm with Keets.  Pete looked lovely (yes, lovely) in
the early '80s.  Check
him out in the Essen, Germany '81 boot video.  He's
got on a cool 
military-style jacket, & jeans tucked into a pair of
Docs.  I think he looks cool as fuck.  Maybe a little

You can make fun of the early '80s Pete all you want,
but, I'm sorry,.... he looked a hell of  a lot better
*then* than he did in the early-to-mid 
'70s.  That's Pete's ugliest period, IMO.  The tight
flares, tight long-sleeved shirts, the scraggly beard.
 Yuck.  Give me Flock of Seagulls Pete any day>>

My favourite look of his is the late Seventies to
1980, when he had the close-cut beard going on (and I
normally don't really care for guys with beards!). 
I'm not keen on the longer beard he had during the
early and mid-Seventies.  The Flock of Seagulls
haircut he had in the early Eighties just makes me
cringe whenever I see most of the pix of him from that
era, though I like he how looks in some pix, like the
cover of CE and in the bloody hand picture.

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