Better Off Not Live

Jim M NakedI at
Tue Nov 23 09:16:18 CST 2004

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> Ummm.


>Artistic and abandoned, yes.  But it doesn't achieve the exultant
> roar that live performance gives it.

But, does that mean that the live version is "powerful" and the studio
version "weak", like you said?  Not to me.  I think much of the studio
version's power comes from its more subtle aspects.  The rain effect and
piano at the beginning leading into the cymbal build up to the opening
chords, giving the effect of waves crashing on a beach.  The keyboard
oscillating up and down like the tide.  The decending notes, raining down in
the chorus.  All of these musical metaphors are more effective on the studio
version and make it more "powerful", in an emotive sense.  And, if you want
sheer explosive power, Roger's scream and Keith's madness at the end of the
studio version blow the doors off of any live version I've heard.

> I find it's impossible to sit through that song in concert.

Oh, come on, it's not *that* bad!

Jim M

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