Rabbit Interview

Jim M NakedI at comcast.net
Tue Nov 23 08:49:59 CST 2004

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> With Alastair McLean:
> http://www.rogerwaters.org/rabbitint.html

I thought this was odd:

  "When I first joined The Who, it was fantastic because I thought I had
made the big time. Just the original guys and me, no horn sections like it
is today, no background singing, no extra guitar players. It was The Who, as
raw and rough as they could be, and I got to jam with them and that was
fantastic... The very first tour I did with them in 1979 was my favorite
because I did all the overdubs live on stage without any synthesizers and
recorded bits, like that sort of thing."

  No synthesizers and recorded bits?  Weren't they playing Baba and WGFA?
What other "recorded bits" are they using now that they weren't then?

  Jim M

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