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ALBUM: "Peakobokaboo"
LABEL: Greyday Productions
RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

"My name is Piney, and I'm a gir!" says a two-year-old
girl named Angela Penhaligon. Now all grown up, Angela
(aka Piney Gir) has found joy in making sugar-coated
synth-pop on her Casio keyboard and has just released
her debut full-length album, "Peakabokaboo."

The record is full of surprises, all of them good.
Piney is a genre-bending master, and the record
features songs that range from rock, country-western,
folk, '50s style crooner ballads, and even a few
covers, the most notable of which is a version of The
Who's "My Generation." Piney is a very ambitious
musician and her cover of "My Generation" is possibly
the most ambitious cover I've heard in a long while.
Daltry's classic stutter is even mimicked by Piney's
voice being digitally skipped and repeated over and
over as if pressed onto a dirty CD.

There are scratches and pops and blips and an array of
other noises on the record, but Piney's voice remains
as smooth as a doll's face and compliments her use of
the beat machine and keyboard perfectly. Imagine a
warmer, fuzzier, less sex-crazed version of Shirley
Manson and you've got yourself a good picture of what
Piney Gir and her music add up to be.

Her sound is often distorted and curious, but is
always punctuated by a sly sense of wonderment and
fun. Piney's lyrics are often kitchy and harken back
to a time when little girls and little boys still
thought each other had cooties.

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G," a song about what people do in trees,
is an honest look at how simple human relations can
be, and "Greetings, Salutations, Goodbye" is an honest
look at how simply human relations can turn sour.

After a half hour or so of high energy pop tunes, a
twangy alt-country number and a few covers, the album
ends with a song that features the lyrics to some of
the most popular "Schoolhouse Rock" episodes,
including "I'm Just a Bill" and "3 is a Magic Number."

"Peakobokaboo" has a lot to offer any listener and
never fails to be enjoyable and charming.

- Joseph Devens

-Brian in Atlanta
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