Better Off Not Live

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Nov 22 20:42:07 CST 2004

>>The versions from the 1996-97 tours were very powerful and I liked the big
>band backing them.  I don't know that you can compare these to the studio 
>version, as they're very different animals.  The studio version seems very 
>weak in comparison, but it's very well done in a different way.

>I agree the big backing band suited most of the Quadrophenia material.  I
can't see how you can call the studio version "weak" in any way, though.  On
the contrary, I find it one of their most powerful performances, live or on

Ummm.  Artistic and abandoned, yes.  But it doesn't achieve the exultant 
roar that live performance gives it.  I find it's impossible to sit through 
that song in concert.


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