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Mon Nov 22 20:08:47 CST 2004

Lots of comments to reply to....

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> The problem with the line LROM is that Roger struggles... However, Pete's 
> guitar work in live LROM versions is spectacular and quite a departure 
> from the studio.

I'll agree that it's more of a problem for Roger than Pete.  But Pete's 
brilliance doesn't make up for Roger's  inability to equal his performance 
on the record and the lack of Moon, in this case.  I've just realized I'm 
not sure I've heard a live version of this song with Moon before.

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> The versions from the 1996-97 tours were very powerful and I liked the big 
> band backing them.  I don't know that you can compare these to the studio 
> version, as they're very different animals.  The studio version seems very 
> weak in comparison, but it's very well done in a different way.

I agree the big backing band suited most of the Quadrophenia material.  I 
can't see how you can call the studio version "weak" in any way, though.  On 
the contrary, I find it one of their most powerful performances, live or on 

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> Although, have you noticed, that The Who's live versions of their
> catalog are usually heads and shoulders above other band's live versions
> or their own music?

I sure have.  The best live band of all time.  Period.

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> Yes & yes.  I've always loved the song but the studio version is tops for 
> me.  How-
> ever, the '81 Essen, Germany version is by far the best live version as 
> Kenney Jones drives the hell out of that motherfuckin' song.

The "new" songs usually sound good live.  The band are more excited about 
playing them and they haven't had a chance to screw around with them too 
much.  Oooh, I just felt some excitment brewing for next Spring!

> I'm tempted to include "Love Ain't For Keeping" but the Young Vic version
> blows me away.  I love it.

It was "nice" at Boston this year.  Roger had some trouble and he and Pete 
got a little mixed up about when the solo should have started, but I thought 
it sounded good.  Not one of my favorite studio songs anyway, and I agree 
Young Vic is the best version.

> "The Real Me."  They never topped the studio version of that song, IMO.

The y2k verions I've heard, Blues to the Bush and the one Pete posted on his 
site, sound great.

> One could make a case for "Who Are You," as well.

Now you've gone insane.  Who Are You has to be their best stage number since 
Who's Next.  Sure we've heard it too much now, but that shouldn't be held 
against it.

> I'm with Keets.  Pete looked lovely (yes, lovely) in the early '80s. 
> Check
> him out in the Essen, Germany '81 boot video.  He's got on a cool 
> military-
> style jacket, & jeans tucked into a pair of Docs.  I think he looks cool 
> as
> fuck.  Maybe a little eyeliner.....

And he's even got the bandana left over from the Kampuchea show.  I've got 
no problem with is look at Rockpalast.

> You can make fun of the early '80s Pete all you want, but, I'm sorry,.... 
> he looked a hell of  a lot better *then* than he did in the early-to-mid 
> '70s.

Fashions aside, I just feel like he looked old and tired, almost sick.  He's 
supposed to have been trashed out of his mind at the Kampuchea show, but he 
looks more like it in '82 when he was sober.

> Give me Flock of Seagulls Pete any day.
> OK, except for the pajama bottoms.

Whatever the era, I prefer him with his pants on.

Jim M

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