Yawn, but with drool this time...

Sigel, James (N-CSC) james.sigel at lmco.com
Mon Nov 22 10:56:58 CST 2004

>Here we see a typical tactic of Jim's ilk's typical
>tactics. I call him on his behavior; he calls it a
>"threat." Of course, for a million bucks no one could
>FIND a threat there...he just says it's one, and
>expects everyone here is so brick-thick stupid they'll
>buy that he's being "threatened," who starts these
>conflicts, etc. Jim, you owe everyone on this list an
>abject apology for that alone. But you won't offer
>one, I'm quite sure.

Elected yourself spokesperson for the group again, eh?  Okay, I'm game.

Ahem... Sorry everyone for inciting the resident Looney Toon.  There.
Happy now?

Brick Thick's "Ilk" (?) in Colorado

PS - I absolutely loved the "Here we see..."  You're like fine wine dude
- Better with time.  Tomorrow you'll probably describe me as a right
wing religious nut, and the next day...????  Ah, but it is I who is
supposed to be obsessed with you.  Riiiiight...

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