Better in Studio than Live

Sigel, James (N-CSC) james.sigel at
Mon Nov 22 09:57:02 CST 2004

>>Hey, this could be a good thread.  Who songs that are better on albums

>>than live.

>First song that comes to mind is "I Can See For Miles".  The version on
>"Sell Out" is a masterpiece.   Outside of the initial rush of hearing
>live in 1982, the live versions that I've heard (in '82 and '89) fall
far, far short.

Join Together comes to mind for me, although the Join Together medley
circa mid 1970s I absolutely love.  The difference is, they obviously
didn't try to play JT like the studio version at all.  But the Who On
Ice version of JT is weak, IMHO.

I didn't much care for the Another Tricky Day from the last couple
years' tours either.  But it was nice it see them dust it off, so no
harm there.  I'd have to add Behind Blue Eyes too, only because it's a
little worn for me; I'd like to see them throw in something different
instead.  Make a little room for Young Man Blues or something really
obscure like Run Run Run or Relax.

Although, have you noticed, that The Who's live versions of their
catalog are usually heads and shoulders above other band's live versions
or their own music?  I know this will piss off some Zeppelin fans, but
listen to Rock and Roll from Song Remains the Same, and take your pick
of ANY live Who song.

Jim in Colorado

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