Live Aid hygiene problems?

Jim M NakedI at
Sun Nov 21 08:40:10 CST 2004

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> When lunchtime came round, our little group of four, me, my best mate and 
> our then girlfriends, opened our cheese butties and washed 'em down with 
> water.

See, I saw this and I wanted to make a joke've got to wash your 
"butty" down with water (and preferably soap) every day, or it *will* get 
cheesy.  But that would have been crass.  I'm glad I didn't do it.

>Being the gobby sort I still am, I said something like "wouldn't it be 
>obscene if people had a really fancy lunch", just as the people in front 
>started unpacking their coolbox - which was laden with chicken legs, pate, 
>french breads, spreads, wine etc etc.

Say what you will about the English, but let me tell you, you guys *know* 
how to have a picnic.

Jim M 

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