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Sun Nov 21 08:20:05 CST 2004

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> I think Pete looks lovely.  :)  Thirty-five is such a wonderful age.  It's 
> old enough to have character in the face and young enough to still be 
> beautiful.

It can be, but it wasn't kind to Pete.  Fashion had a lot to do with it, 
obviously.  I know that was Pete's sober period, but he looks more strung 
out there than ever, as someone mentioned here not too long ago.  When I saw 
them that year I was 16 and I really felt like they were OLD.  Now I'm as 
old as they were then, and they're ancient, but they seam much, much younger 
to me.

>>That's the same show as
> The Quiet One [Face Dances] and Twist and Shout [Box Set], right?  Yet 
> has that "thin" sound I'm talking about.  Anyway, I think it's one of 
> their
> greatest songs and worst stage numbers.
> Erm.  I'm not sure what versions of these songs you're talking about. 
> John did sometimes sing these live.  You're sure it's not John?

I'm sure those songs *are* John.  I'm talking about the band as a whole 
sounding thinner.

> Actually Roger still had quite a range at the end of the nineties, though 
> he seems to have given up a lot of the high notes now.  I agree that he's 
> compensating very well.  The songs aren't as showy as they were, maybe, 
> but they still rock.

The Who didn't do "showy" very well, anyway.  At least not in the big 
arena/stadium kind of way then were trying to do then and that the Rolling 
Stones are masters of.  No, their showiness was at a more personal, mic 
swinging, arm twirling level.  Could you imagine how silly it would look to 
see a band smash their gear to pieces from the back of a 60,000 seat 

Jim M 

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