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Bob Dylan's 1965 classic Like A Rolling Stone has been
voted the best song of all time, according to a poll
conducted by Rolling Stone magazine.
OK… I like Dylan well enough. I have a smattering of his albums and have seen 
him live a few times. I still have to wonder what objective standards they 
used to make this determination. On what basis is this the greatest song ever?

Lyrics? Maybe.
Musical composition? Not even close.
Guitar playing / Instrumetation / Virtuosity? Not a chance.
Singing / Vocal performance? Please…
Arrangement? No.
Production? No way. 

(And of course Rolling Stone, always suffering from “limited perspective 
syndrome”, seems to equate “Greatest Song OF ALL TIME” with “Greatest Song from 
the last few decades,” ignoring all of the great jazz, classical, etc. music 
they like to pretend doesn't exist.) 


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