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Jim M NakedI at
Sat Nov 20 21:51:08 CST 2004

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> First song that comes to mind is "I Can See For Miles".  The version on
> "Sell Out" is a masterpiece.   Outside of the initial rush of hearing it
> live in 1982, the live versions that I've heard (in '82 and '89) fall far,
> far short.

Ahhh, yes.  I Can See For Miles.  We've talked before about how there 
*ought* to have been a great live version of this song, but never was. 
We'll never know what the band could have done with it in their prime since 
they didn't try playing it until after Keith was dead.

I've never heard an '82 version of the song.  I have a crappy download of a 
boot from St. Paul a tour or two before that.  It's hard to tell from that 
if it was any good..  I thought the '89 version from Join Together was 
pretty good.  As good as it could be from the band as it was constituted. 
The '89 version on the Maximum R&B DVD isn't nearly as energetic.  The 2002 
Mansfield version is also nothing special.  I'd only want to see them try it 
again of they're willing to give Pino a major boost in volume.

It's funny, when I posed the question, I thought there wouldn't be many old 
songs on the list, but two of the first few mentioned have been oldies.  I 
think the rest of them make really strong live numbers, though.

Jim M 

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