Rabbit's Diary

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 20 19:00:19 CST 2004

>Everything Rabbit has said indicates this is something different and
curable.  Having said that, he posted about this months ago.  Why hasn't it
been cleared up yet?

There have been a bunch of virus colds going around that seem to affect the 
ears, and Rabbit may be suffering from this.  I'm not prone to ear 
infections, but mine have been itching and burning, etc., and for a while I 
had noise in one.  My girlfriend has lots of problems with ear infections, 
and she's been back and forth to the doctor a lot during the late summer and 
fall.  We looked up her diagnosis and it was a viral infection.  I'd guess 
Rabbit lives in a humid climate there in England, too, which can encourage 
ear infections.

The colds that caused dizziness went through here last year.    :)


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