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Sat Nov 20 18:05:06 CST 2004

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>> Hey, this could be a good thread.  Who songs that are better on albums
>> than live.
> "Magic Bus" comes instantly to mind.  The live version can be OK, but it's
> like a completely different song, isn't it?  It has none of the coolness 
> of the
> studio version.

That can be OK, though.  Take Drowned, for instance.  When Pete plays it 
accousticly, I think it's great.  But the Quad version's great, too.  In 
essence we've got two songs for the price of one.  What I had in mind was 
more like Love Reign O'er Me.  They attempt to play it more or less as the 
original, but it completely lacks the impact of the Quad version.

The other song that bugs me is I'm Free.  The live versions don't even sound 
like the same guitar riff to me.  Now watch some guitar player tell me I'm 
full of shit. Believe me, I KNOW I'm full of shit.  That's what I'm hear 
for.  Educate me!

Jim M 

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