It's Hard

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Nov 20 12:57:58 CST 2004

> Do I really *need* to go out and get this, or can I be reasonably happy
> without them, and listen to studio EF?

No, the live EF from the IH reissue isn't a "must have," but you were asking,
I believe, which live version of EF was the best - & that would be the bonus
live version on the IH reissue.  The ball's in your court now.  

> overall it's disappointing right from the ra-tat-a-tat, tat-a-tat of Kenney's 
> lame opening salvo to Pete's whiny guitar solos. 

EF has never been one of my all-time favorite Who songs but I don't mind
this live version at all.

> Frankly, the studio version of the song blows the live version away. 

The studio version has a darker, more ominous feel than any live version,
that's for sure.

> What the hell is Kenney doing?  Did someone steal his kit and leave him 
> with only a snare?  

Hmmm.....I hear a bass drum, a hi-hat, & cymbals, also.  Perhaps your ears
are clogged like Rabbit's.  Besides, the song calls for a stark approach on
drums - much like Moon's approach on "905" from the WAY album.
Kenney is just playing to the song.  "The Quiet One," on the other hand,
doesn't require a stark approach, & Kenney delivers.

> Oh, and why do they chop off  the start of the synth intro when they play 
> it live?

Good question.  It's really just a cue for the keyboards, isn't it?  Maybe be-
cause it's a bit long.  (?)   And on a related topic, the synth intro is left in
for the live version of WAY, even though it is absent on the studio version.

> Hey, this could be a good thread.  Who songs that are better on albums 
> than live.

"Magic Bus" comes instantly to mind.  The live version can be OK, but it's
like a completely different song, isn't it?  It has none of the coolness of the
studio version.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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