The Who At Live Aid

Roger Clark roger.clark40 at
Fri Nov 19 16:03:12 CST 2004

>I don't know how it was broadcast
> to the rest of the world, or if anyone ever said those
> broadcasters lost the powerfeed. I'd like to hear from
> one of our UK members who were watching at the
> time...did you guys lose any of the Who set?

I'm afraid we lost both numbers as well. In fact there was an anniversary TV
documentary on Live Aid some time ago (maybe 2000 15 years after?) that
aired in the UK in which I had hopes that the missing footage would be
shown. Unfortunately it was still missing and in fact they had a short
interview with some technician working in one of the broadcast units outside
Wembley stadium in which he described a huge fuse blowning as the reason for
the loss of power and it being replaced during The Who's set.

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