New Pete Townshend signature series - Deep End (1985)

John Hughes pureneasy at
Thu Nov 18 15:44:13 CST 2004

Well, I'm listening again to the CD's and I have to say these seem to be
remarkably "bright" recordings - even to my ears, quite trebly.

I've never seen the video, but I've got the official CD, and a single CD
boot, and these sound more natural than the new signature release.

Sounds like a lot of between song banter has been edited out, too.

The packaging is sadly a somewhat nauseous yellow colour which reminds me of
the Frank Zappa song!

Prominent statement on the sleeve - proceeds to the double O charity.

At least though we have bass and treble controls to help with the signature

Surely the Woodstock show can't be long away, even the 1974 Roundhouse
show - I'd bet tapes exist.

I'll leave the proper reviews of the CD to those better equipped to do so.



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