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Thu Nov 18 11:55:23 CST 2004

One observation that has been overlooked, at least by this inattentive
reader, is that the US and UK versions were purposely mixed differently,
each for the assumed tastes of the target market.

I, for one, desire to own all versions, fair or ill.

But trust me, Rubber Soul and Revolver are more cohesive and
mature in the US version that the fodder filled UK versions.

I am not, nor, IMO, are any of you, a better judge on how to mix a track
than Sir George Martin, who is responsible for all BeaTles releases.



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>Subject: Re: New Beatles Release; The Who at Live Aid; The manipulated fool
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> > It's times like this I'm glad I'm not a big Beatles
>It's very disappointing. I Feel Fine, in particular,
>sounds horrible. I could make a better "duophonic"
>version with Cool Edit on this computer.
> > Yeah, but I wish MG & PW were included.  That was
>the major missing chunk!
>Yep. But considering the older bands are given less
>time than some of the "newer" ones, I imagine they
>made the decision not to based on the fact that
>there's a lot more live Who video out there than, say,
>The Pretenders.
> > This guy's a nut and you say I rile him
>up???  To that, I say tough shit.  Rile up the kook
>then.  Mark, take your friggin' medication, you're
>I present an accurate post-election analysis of your
>average Bush supporter, and you call my doing so being
>a nut. Perhaps you don't have the wit to understand
>beyond a simple "With em or against em." Maybe you
>feel like a fool having been manipulated by Osama
>(that WAS rather foolish). Or perhaps you're just so
>married to your hatred you can't see past it. You
>attacked me, I responded, and I'm the "nut."
>Riiiggghhhht. Good call, dude.
>I don't "froth," but I am continually amused by your
>big scary attacks from the safety of your home
>computer thus taking no personal risk. You are simply
>unable to leave me alone, as Scott so accurately
>noted, which I've told you repeatedly is the REAL
>solution to your self-created problem, but your hatred
>and bitterness does not allow you to do so, it seems.
>In either case, once again it's not me who has a
>problem here. Medicate yourself.
>"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."
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