Anti-War Elton (Who-related)

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Thu Nov 18 08:16:44 CST 2004

In recent weeks, the Rocket Man has exploded at a
variety of targets, including Madonna and Taiwanese
photographers. Now he’s taken aim at the newly
re-elected president, calling him “the worst thing
that has ever happened to America.” 
“I’ve never lived in a time that’s been so vexing,”
John told the British mag, Time Out. “I just wanna
scream. It’s a nightmare. Bush and this administration
are the worst thing that has ever happened to
John also blasted British Prime Minister Tony Blair,
Bush’s biggest international ally in the Iraq war.
“I’m just as angry with Tony Blair. You lied to us,
Tony.  . . . It was like: these idiots think they can
get away with anything.  . . .  I voted for Tony. He’s
basically a nice guy. What happened? Is it because
power does that thing to you, that you isolate
yourself? It enrages me that people can just smirk
their way through it.”

"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."
                       Lazarus Long

Cheers         ML

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