Live Aid

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Nov 17 17:21:54 CST 2004

Scott wrote:

 >Pete said he wanted the *Clash* to carry the mantle after The Who.  But
at Live Aid, it looks like the Who mantle was passed to U2.  Question is,
have they since dropped it, & when?

I don't think they've dropped it.  They're pretty consistent with
their politics and dedication to music & fans IMO (Bono is a pretty
convicted fellow.)

Me thinks that Bono's from the same school of thought that
Pete is from (i.e. "a man with a guitar ... reaching more people...
than a man with a camera.")

 >Honestly, U2 plays a transcendent set at Live Aid.  Two songs!  But when
they do "Bad," it's like watching a medium-level rock band become a
top-level rock band right before your eyes.  Pretty amazing.

I love that song.   Now I'm gonna have to buy this Live Aid set!  Damn
you man!  ;-)

Joe in Philly 

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