New Beatles Release; The Who at Live Aid

Scott Schrade schrade at
Wed Nov 17 17:33:19 CST 2004

> I could make a better "duophonic" version 

So, go ahead & "du" it.  

Ha!  Ya' like that one, Mark?

> Yep. But considering the older bands are given less
> time than some of the "newer" ones, I imagine they
> made the decision not to based on the fact that
> there's a lot more live Who video out there than, say,
> The Pretenders.

See, I think they would've used more Who if they
could have because The Who is a bigger act & would
attract more buyers to the DVD.

Which leads me to believe that, like the booklet says,
"My Generation" & "Pinball Wizard" were only seen 
by the audience at Wembley, & full video of those two
songs doesn't exist.

So, I guess whatever caused the few-second interuption 
of the American broadcast of WGFA was a different 
problem than that which affected MG & PW.  Because
the full WGFA is on the DVD.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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