Hey Scott...

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Wed Nov 17 17:19:17 CST 2004

> See..?  Get the irony now?  

Do I get the irony?  No, I get the heat.

I get the heat, heat.

This Live Aid DVD is wild.  A nice shot of Pete tickling a piano-playing
Paul McCartney during the touching "Let It Be" segment.  Leave it to Pete
to burst any pretentious bubble.  And grab the spotlight!

And some good shots of Daltrey having to check his cheat-sheet during
the group sing-along of "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

Pete said he wanted the *Clash* to carry the mantle after The Who.  But
at Live Aid, it looks like the Who mantle was passed to U2.  Question is, 
have they since dropped it, & when?

Honestly, U2 plays a transcendent set at Live Aid.  Two songs!  But when
they do "Bad," it's like watching a medium-level rock band become a
top-level rock band right before your eyes.  Pretty amazing.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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