Making it feel 'ard

Jim M NakedI at
Wed Nov 17 06:28:20 CST 2004

----- Original Message ----- From: "Neil E. Weissman"

> ...the second 'ard is longer than the first....

Now it's long and hard?!?!  Easy, you're gonna get Keets all excited!

----- Original Message ----- From: "L. Bird"

> Another in the long tradition of phallic jokes. Heheh.   :)  These days 
> he's
> doing better, I guess.  He's says they've got Viagra.

AaahHaaa.  I told you, Neil!

So, there's a bit on one of the 2002 Encore CDs from MSG where Pete makes an 
off the cuff Viagra comment and then blurts out something like, "I don't 
need, want or use Viagra!"  Then he must realize that a good portion of his 
audience does, 'cause he makes some kind of "not that there's anything wrong 
with it , if you do" apology.  Is that the one, Keets?

Jim M 

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