Making it feel 'ard

Neil E. Weissman neilweissman at
Wed Nov 17 05:46:11 CST 2004

Sorry for beating this dead horse some more.  I just listened to the Toronto
1982 Eminence Front intro a bunch of times.  I always thought it was
Townshend slurring "alright" in his British accent as the second 'ard is
longer than the first in the quote (and part of me still thinks it could
be).  Thanks for clearing it up.  However, I must remind you that I am not
stoned.  Although, back in High School when this concert aired, I might have

Jim M wrote:

OK, you two are both stoned.  It's "what's 'ard is makin' it feel 'ard."

"It" NOT "him" and "hard" NOT "alright".  But now I can't find the friggin'
quote to check.  Where is this from?  I thought it was before It's Hard from
It's Hard, no?

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