Making it feel 'ard

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Nov 16 22:10:22 CST 2004

>>>I believe the quote was ... "what's hard is making him feel alright."
>>I think it's, "What's hard is making him feel hard."

>OK, you two are both stoned.  It's "what's 'ard is makin' it feel 'ard."

>"It" NOT "him" and "hard" NOT "alright".  But now I can't find the friggin'
quote to check.  Where is this from?  I thought it was before It's Hard from
It's Hard, no?

It's on the 1982 video of WHO ROCKS AMERICA, of course, the live show it 
comes from.  Plus, they've picked it up with the bonus tracks on the IT'S 
HARD album reissue.  Isn't that what we're talking about?


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