The Iron Giant Special Edition DVD Released

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Tue Nov 16 19:45:44 CST 2004

`The Iron Giant' is an incredible film

By Nancy Churnin

The Dallas Morning News

If you find ``The Incredibles'' pretty incredible, don't miss director Brad 
Bird's full-length animation feature debut: ``The Iron Giant.'' The film, 
released in 1999, is a favorite among Bird's fellow animators and, indeed, 
of just about anyone in the all-too-small audience that saw it.

Warner Brothers didn't seem to know what to do with a witty, existential 
film about a giant robot wrestling with his sense of identity. Yes, even the 
``who am I?'' angst of Mr. Incredible had its precursor in ``The Iron 

Loosely adapted from the popular British children's book of the same name by 
poet Ted Hughes, the story centers on a boy named Hogarth (Eli Marienthal) 
who, like Elliott in ``E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,'' identifies with an 
alien -- in this case, a giant robot (Vin Diesel). Hogarth teaches the robot 
to speak and learn the ways of his world. As they bond, there's a magical 
moment when they lie on their backs, look up at the stars and wonder about 
their souls. The robot, it seems, was designed for war. But does the robot 
have to fulfill that destiny? Or can he choose what, or who, to be?

The terrific voice cast includes Harry Connick Jr. as an eccentric scrap 
metal sculptor who befriends Hogarth and falls for Hogarth's single mom, 
voiced by Jennifer Aniston.

The extras, too, are fine. There are eight scenes, including an alternate 
beginning, that were sketched but not animated. Fans should enjoy the Easter 
eggs, which reveal behind-the-scenes tidbits. But for those new to the film, 
the feature itself should be treat enough.



Special edition. With the voices of Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Aniston and 
Vin Diesel. Directed by Brad Bird. PG. DVD, $19.97. 86 min.

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