The Who at Live Aid

Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Nov 16 17:53:24 CST 2004

I just watched The Who's portion of the new Live Aid DVD.

Fist off, WGFA is *not* edited.  I thought it might be because the
satellite feed went out for a few seconds during this song (as it did
for most of "My Generation" & "Pinball Wizard" - which aren't
featured on this DVD).

What I didn't know was that while the satellite feed was down,
Daltrey made a boo-boo by starting the "I move myself & my
family aside...." lyric too early, abandoning it, & then *not* sing-
ing it when he was supposed to.  That was all unknown to me 
these long years.

So, that means "My Generation" & "Pinball Wizard" *do* exist
in their entirety.  Interesting.

The picture is clear.  All the camera edits seem to match the broad-
cast as it was originally aired.  The sound is good but Entwistle is
too low in the mix - just like the original broadcast.  Lots of Rabbit

A truncated Jack Nicholson introduction from America is included.
Then, a quick cut to The Who taking the stage.  And then, an edit
takes us directly to Daltrey introducing LROM.

That's about it.  Pete looks to be in his pissy-mood, left over from
the '82 tour.  He's dressed like he just came from working on his
roof.  Jeans & Nikes!  Kenney Jones looks a bit scared.  Good 'ole 
OX is there.  <sniff>  Daltrey & Rabbit are both very animated - 
as is Pete once he gets going.

Incidentally, this DVD package is very cheap.  I got mine for $24.99
at Best Buy (4 DVDs) & I've heard they're even cheaper at Target
stores (I couldn't locate any at my local Target).

Now,......on to Ultravox!!!!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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