New Beatles release; Please...(no Who)

Bruce bkawak at
Tue Nov 16 17:34:01 CST 2004

> Picked up the Beatles' The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 on
> CD, hoping for some choice stereo versions of their
> early material. Now, listening to them, I am reminded
> of how much I dislike fake stereo and added reverb.
> Buy these at your own risk. True, good-sounding stereo
> masters exist...and this set doesn't use them.

Depending on who you believe these are suppose to have 38 true stereo and 7 
"duophonic" fake stereo tracks.

I have no attachment to the US albums so I'd rather wait for the UK standard 
CDs to be remastered.  I think the Beatles had the UK market in mind with 
their releases.  I buy enough multi versions of Who CDs without doing the 
same for other bands. :)


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