Rabbit Diary Post

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Tue Nov 16 10:46:00 CST 2004

OK, Keith is gone, John is gone...........
we miss them both all the time, but WHO2 has not gone.
Pete and Rog are now the Who, and me, pino, simon, and zak are 'sidemen', 
as the term is normally applied to musicians who are hand picked
by a management team to fill in the dead, or missing members of a
Classic Rock band. You all out there know that WHO2 members
are really Pete, Roger, Zak, Pino, Simon, and Rabbit, the 3rd longest
surviving un-original member of the Who for a quarter of a century.
So yes, I feel like part of the Who, and no, I don't feel like a 'member'
of the Who, cause I am not a member......I am a '25 year "sideman" veteran 
of the Who,
and I'm happy with that, yes, I am totally happy with that.
The rest of us will never be aloud the privilege to be called
members of WHO2, because Pete and Rog are still the original 2
Who members, meaning that as long as they play, with any musicians,
whoever they are, they will always be 'sidemen'.

If the Who formally formed a brand new band, with brand new songs,
and a brand new approach, then yes, the rest of us should be
entitled to be called members of the WHO2 group. But that
is not likely because it would mean[] sharing the spoils around
to everyone, and I don't think that will ever happen.
So the rest of us have to fight and tug and pull our way
to remain 'sidemen' of Pete and Rog's band.....there's a good reason
for this too. The who generate so much money for Pete, Rog and their 
company, it would be impossible for them to manage their books
in regards to who gets what, accordinbg to what they do, how long they've
been in the band, and a hell of a lot of Red Tape.
The rest of us know that, and we are quite happy for them to
stay as they are. The sidemen just need looking after, like
cows being herded in the corral when it's time to go to work.
We get what we get, they take the rest, and we live like that,
eager to at least be one of the gang on-stage.........
Who could complain?..no one...........
Wish us luck on this new album.........
John Rabbit Bundrick

Joe in Philly 

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