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O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Tue Nov 16 10:04:13 CST 2004

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at akrobiz.com>
>Subject: Re: JC Penney and Pete
>I heard about this from a friend.  They're using "Let My Love Open the

Saw this last night right at the beginning of CSI Miami (or whatever
it's called.  I only watch the opening sequence to get a quick public
Kind of interesting to watch a show filled with Who and then the
commercials also have Who.
"Who - Who - Who - Who!"

>That Rabbit diary was weird.

Can someone please post the diary entry on list???  I've followed the
two links, but can't seem to find the correct entry.

>And why is he talking about all this now......?

And how do you suppose Pete and Rog feel about reading this......now??
Not good for pre-studio harmony.
Ahhhhh, the music industry.

>From: Joe Lewinski <lewinski at icanon.com>
>Subject: Eminence Front - Live, Pete Autobiography
>was looking forward to a good <2002> version of Eminence Front.

First mistake.

>Both of these versions have flaws that leave me wanting a better
>Either the bass is too low, or Pete skips or messes up the vocals.

Our very own Schradelinski from Akroninski is very sensitive to this.
As, am I.

>if somebody can recommend
>what they would consider the best live version EF, I would appreciate

To me, EF is one of those songs that just is best off the studio album.
I haven't heard a live version that can hold the power (particularly on
bass) that the studio version can.
I also can't think of another song where The Ox is so prominent and
important to the song.
Any live EF after John's death will simply be a massive let-down and
will cause you to be depressed.

Ironically, the other day I'm driving along after leaving work and
realize that I'm still tuned to NPR (listen to it in the morning for
news, etc.) that is in full classical mode.  I switch to another station
right as EF is starting.
I haven't air-drum, guitar and bass with such passion in a very long
while.  I found myself concentrating on air-bass more than anything.

>As Magik says, "I'm holding out for more *Who-juice*."

Mmmmm, Who-juice.
Funny, I was just looking at a photo of our group at Hanks bar.
You, me, Stu in MD, Scottelheimer, Magic, Terrance McB, and several
What a Motley looking crew!

Stay in Tune,
Kevin in VT

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