Sigel, James (N-CSC) james.sigel at
Tue Nov 16 09:25:10 CST 2004

>I was initially happy to see you posting again but if half of your
posts are going to be >attempts to rile up Mark then what have we

Scott, as if he needs my help getting riled up, puh-leeeeezzzze.  It's
all about fairness.  Other people freely post their odd little political
rantings obsessively here.  (Don't deny it!)  I threw in a tiny post
with an unpopular position and got reprimanded by three people for it.
That's bullshit in the highest order man, when you consider the sheer
VOLUME of politically antagonistic posts directed at people sharing my
position.  To call it hypocrisy is insulting to hypocrites.  And by the
way, I was directing my post at Joel, not the know
who.  It's not my fault some folks are all-too-predictable.  Ever wonder
why I don't post much at all anymore?  Because there's always someone
out there who can't resist sniping.  Ask Mc what I'm talking about if
you don't catch my drift.  Nice to hear from YOU anyway.  I do hope you
catch the irony of your above post though...I did!

>But, please keep the music-related posts coming.

All right then.  Played a gig on Friday that was weird.  We were good,
but there wasn't much response from the crowd.  Kind of a "downtown"
crowd that wasn't very energized.  It kind of took the wind out of our
sails towards the end of the night.  We had a gig on Saturday too, and I
was worried that I might be a little dejected from the night before's
uninspired set.  But there on TV was The Kids Are Alright on IFC.  I got
to watch "Sparks" just before we left, and it sparked me all right.
Windmill heaven and a fun, high energy show followed.  I'm getting good
at windmills now; I'm starting to bleed on my picking hand.  Broke the
pickup switch knob off my SG.

Jim in Colorado

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