Eminence Front - Live, Pete Autobiography

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Tue Nov 16 09:12:09 CST 2004


I was listening to the Boston II, and Hershey shows from 2002, and
was looking forward to a good version of Eminence Front.

Both of these versions have flaws that leave me wanting a better version.
Either the bass is too low, or Pete skips or messes up the vocals.

Anyway, I'm still all hot an bothered for EF, so if somebody can recommend
what they would consider the best live version EF, I would appreciate it.


I wouldn't mind a book on Pete's life, written by Pete either.    I love
Pete for his mind as much as his windmills.      It just
represents an ending of sorts that I'm afraid I'm just not ready to accept.
As Magik says, "I'm holding out for more *Who-juice*."

Joe in Philly 

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