QUAD Actor Having Great Success

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Mon Nov 15 19:09:15 CST 2004

I wanted to mention that PBS's Masterpiece Theater just recently
featured Henry VIII, starring Ray Winstone as King Henry.

Ray Winstone played Jimmy's Rocker friend, Kevin, in the QUAD-

If you haven't seen this guy act recently you've missed out because
he's turned into quite an accomplished actor.  He was brilliant in
Henry VIII.

Another good film starring Ray Winstone is the British heist drama,
SEXY BEAST, also starring Ben Kingsley.

Anyway, here's what the PBS website had to say about Mr. Win-

Ray Winstone started boxing at the age of 12 at the famous Repton 
Amateur Boxing Club. Over ten years, he won more than 80 medals 
and trophies. When he turned to acting, he received critical acclaim 
for his performances in Gary Oldman's Nil By Mouth (1997), for 
which he received a British Academy of Film and Television Arts 
(BAFTA) nomination, and in Tim Roth's The War Zone (1999), for 
which he earned a nomination for a European Film Award. He most 
recently costarred with Michael Caine in Last Orders (2001). Among 
his other films are Ripley's Game (2002), There's Only One Jimmy 
Grimble (2000), Five Seconds to Spare (1999), Ladybird, Ladybird 
(1994) and Quadrophenia (1979). In his 20-year career, he is ac-
complished on the stage and on television. 

- SCHRADE in Akron

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