Sidemen Are Like Cows

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Nov 15 17:36:14 CST 2004

>  we should be reminded by Rabbit's diary that they're all considered 
> "sidemen" in the band, so they're free to hire out elsewhere.

That Rabbit diary was weird.  I get the feeling (and this is purely speculation)
that something must've happened recently - perhaps some sort of legal
arrangements whereby the "sidemen" were forced to have their role in the
band defined (legally) before any work on the new album took place.

Rabbit makes it explicitly clear that Who2 means Pete & Roger.  Period.
The rest are sidemen "as the term is normally applied to musicians who are 
hand picked by a management team to fill in the dead, or missing members 
of a Classic Rock band."  (Doesn't this sound a bit resentful?)

He goes on:

"If the Who formally formed a brand new band, with brand new songs, 
and a brand new approach, then yes, the rest of us should be entitled to 
be called members of the WHO2 group.  But that is not likely because it 
would mean sharing the spoils around to everyone, and I don't think that 
will ever happen."

This is no surprise, really.  I think we all knew that Pete & Rog would reap 
the most from any new album.  I just wonder why Rabbit seems focused
on this topic right now  - at the same time the topic is raised in one of
Pete's diaries.  And right before they start preliminary work on a new al-

And finally, Rabbit says:

"The sidemen just need looking after, like cows being herded in the corral 
when it's time to go to work.  We get what we get, they take the rest, and 
we live like that, eager to at least be one of the gang on-stage......... 
Who could complain? one........... 
Wish us luck on this new album........."

Part of this diary entry makes me think Rabbit is a little peeved about being
considered on the same level as Zak, Pino, & Simon, even despite the fact 
that he's been with the band since 1979.  

But other parts of the diary entry make it sounds like he accepts his role
in the band & is just happy being a part of it all.  Or is he being sarcastic?

And why is he talking about all this now......?

- SCHRADE in Akron

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