Catching Up....

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Nov 15 13:50:18 CST 2004

 Catching up on some old stuff.....

> I heard a review of The Black Keys today on NPR's Fresh Air.  Do
> you know these 2 gentlemen from Akron?


I don't know them personally, nor have I ever seen them play live.

> I have one album of theirs.. what's the deal?


They're a two-man band (guitarist/singer & a drummer).  They play an
earthy, guttural, stripped-down blues.  Not my personal cup of tea but
they've gotten some good reviews from major publications & are currently
touring over in Europe.

> As much as you'd just love to start another pissing contest with me
> Marky, I'll keep it short and real.


I was initially happy to see you posting again but if half of your posts are
going to be attempts to rile up Mark then what have we gained?  But,
please keep the music-related posts coming.

> I finally found my copy of a KBFH late 90s broadcast.


Wow, that sounds interesting!  I'll be in touch off-list.

> "This is a bit unprecidented in our career.  But, we like played it one
> and didn't like it, so we're going to play it another way and maybe we'll
> like it better."

Jim M:

Like Bruce, I've never heard any stories about the band attempting to
use horns in any '69 production of TOMMY.  I think Pete is referring
to song order & song selection.  I'd have to check the Concert Guide
to see if the song order was changed, but I do know that certain songs
that were initially played live were eventually dropped because they
didn't translate well to the stage or they were a hindrance to the overall
pacing - "Tommy, Can You Hear Me?" & "Sally Simpson" come to

Re:  Pete's new diary.

Sounds good!  Pete is staying busy!  Still no absolute commitment to
a new album, but that's to be expected.  At least they're going the full
mile & creating songs to give it a shot.  What else can we hope for?

Unlike Joe L., I think I'm more excited about Pete's autobiography than
the prospect of new music.  Frankly, I don't have too much faith that
a new album will be a bonanza of fabulous songs that'll get me all excited.
But, I *know* a voluminous autobiography from Pete *would* get me
all excited.  I just hope his book doesn't become one of those projects
that never gets completed.  It'd be a shame not to have a personal ac-
count from one of rock's most intelligent, insightful, honest pioneers.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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