Still More on the U2 Promotion Effort

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Nov 13 23:08:49 CST 2004

>I honestly think U2 can get by without alot of promotion. there are 
where too much promotion can actually unsell an album because people are 
and tired of hearing the same song over and over again. and ya know
something, this "vertigo" song is very good, and I don't think i'll get 
tired of it
anytime soon, hence the notion that U2 can get by without a heavy promotion
backing it up. they're just that good. hell, green day didn't have alot of
promotion with "american idiot" and it became their first album to debut at 
no. 1.
same thing with rod stewart's latest album of standards, became his first 
no. 1
album in oh so many years. so, it's possible.

You're right.  Sometimes word of mouth carries it, regardless of radio play 
or other promotion.  Still, you have to have a concept that catches on.  
Both U2 and Green Day have put out albums that address the social concerns 
of the day.  Contrary to to hawkish slant of the adults currently running 
things in the U.S., I think kids are very peace-oriented.  Thus, just the 
titles to the albums are attractive, and "Vertigo" pretty much describes the 
feeling of being overwhelmed by things in general.  Both these concepts are 
very attractive at this point, so I can see they'd sell without much effort.

However, it looks like U2 is overcompensating.  I guess they're worried 
about being old.  ;)


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