rock the vote

Sat Nov 13 22:33:08 CST 2004

ha, the republicans should talk. i've read about them too. saying if you vote 
for John kerry, we'd have another terrorist attack and the head of the GOP, 
ed gillespie, sending out an e-mail to other GOP members saying the democrats 
are using crack cocaine as an incentive to vote. plus, how do you explain the 
600,000 absentee ballots missing from florida before election day? we never 
found out what happened to them, at least not me. 
and explain this math:
collier county: voter turnout: 127,409.  votes casted for bush: 128,352
glades county: voter turnout: 3,446.  votes casted for bush: 4,188.
highlands county: voter turnout: 33,996.  votes casted for bush: 41,491. 

and so on and so on. all florida counties by the way, and I read Jeb bush 
(florida governor) may be thinking of running for president in 2008. mark must be 
a tad bit furious. ; )

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