Roger's glasses

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Nov 12 23:19:56 CST 2004

Off-beat thought here:  I've been shuffling through some of the pics from 
last summers' shows, and I'm thinking Roger's glasses are changing the shape 
of this eyes.

If you don't wear glasses, I know that's going to sound wierd, but I wear 
glasses so I know it happens.  Your eyes look different when you wear 
glasses all the time, say as opposed to wearing contacts some of the 
time--sort of smaller or puffy or something like that.  So even when Roger 
doesn't have his glasses on, you can still tell he wears them all the time.

Pete doesn't.  Even though we see him with glasses sometimes, his eyes look 
like he doesn't wear them much.  Has anybody else noticed that?

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