Petra Haden's The Who Sell Out Feb. 22

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Fri Nov 12 20:51:59 CST 2004

A press release on the long-awaited Petra Haden a
capella version of "The Who Sell Out." Thanks to Caryn
for sending it along.

Bar/None are proud to announce the release of Petra
Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out on February 22.  This is
the former That Dog singer/violinist's totally a
capella remake of the classic Who album, in its
entirety, including the interstitial commercials.
Hereunder is the tale of this project's genesis:

"a few years ago I had this idea for petra. she has a
beautiful voice and when me and d. boon were boys we
just loved "the who sell out" (our favorite one by
them) record much that I thought it'd be a trip to see
how she'd interpret it. I knew she knew very little of
the old who so this would be even better cuz she'd
then have no pre-dispositions about it. I had this
eight-track cassette recorder (a tascam 488) I let her
have a put side one of the who record on track eight
of one cassette and side two on track eight of another
one, gave her the machine and said to her, "just sing
along to what they got going there until you fill up
the other seven tracks." I knew she could work the
machine herself cuz she did really great w/a four
track one for her first solo record, "imaginaryland"
(win records). it was generous of her to take on such
a thing, something alien to her but she seemed to
enjoy the challenge of it. me, I was curious as hell
to see how such and endeavor would manifest itself -
this is the power of music to make ideas come alive,
to breathe life in little boy daydream pasts so far
removed by time - such a connection for me and d. boon
and even more intense since he was killed 'pert-near
nineteen years ago in a van crash when his girlfriend
fell asleep at the wheel. these memories of us sharing
things go through my mind constantly cuz I miss him so
- especially when it comes to music cuz he was my
whole reason for playing (his ma put me on bass when I
was thirteen) that to see this realized would surely
be a trip. please understand, it wasn't a demand, just
an idea and it was the goodness of petra's heart to
take it on. so, slowly but surely, petra built up the
tracks for each tune, one at a time. she'd call me and
play the results over the phone and I was so thrilled
- something so intense on me and d. boon was now being
bounced back through this sensitive soul in a whole
different light, genuine and natural... it was a
mindblow for me! I know d. boon would've tripped too
on hearing this, he would've given the hugest of bear
hugs for it. we knew that record inside and out (d.
boon once said, "you hear 'sunrise' - that's townshend
trying to play jazz") and petra caught that spirit,
big time. when she finally finished and played it for
me in person - not on the phone - well... wow! much
respect to her. my weird idea had been springboarded
into a crafted work, I love it... love her."

mike watt
may 28, 2004
san pedro, ca

-Brian in Atlanta
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