New Pete Diary

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Wed Nov 10 19:27:13 CST 2004

>Joe Lewinski
>New Pete Diary
>This is the first time he spoke/wrote about the *new* album like it
>was a done deal.  Now I'm really afraid we won't see it!  ;0

Review it in December...
Record it this Winter...
Release it in Spring and then tour..

Hold on to your hats!

>What will the name of the band be called?

The Who.
Will naming the album Who2 be enough for the 'ney sayers?'

>Not sure I remember ADB as a book.  More of an essay.


>I may have missed


>if the essay was just a piece from a larger project.

First I've heard.

>I would shelve it too,
>at least until he is removed from the sex-offenders list.

That's a shame.
I understand, but's still a shame.

>I spend every day in my studio writing songs.

*That* alone was worth the price of admission.
One more time!

>I spend every day in my studio writing songs.


>I'm very much enjoying this creative

I dig how some artists see it this way.
A time.
It's passing.
Take advantage of it while it's there.

Or, is it that this particular creative time is very positive, while others
have been negative?
<just wondering aloud>

>Bruce bkawak
>New Pete Diary
>The most important word in that whole paragraph is the first word of the
>last sentence, "if".

"I am afraid."
<love some of the guitar work on that..>

Kevin in VT

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