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Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Nov 10 16:56:18 CST 2004

Here' goes.

 >NEW WHO ALBUM - WHO2 will not be a concept album. That is, in itself, a
concept for me. Roger and I meet in mid December to play what we have
written. If we move ahead from there, we may have a CD ready to release in
the spring. My working-title for the project - 'Who2' - is only partly
tongue-in-cheek. If the recording works out we will tour with the usual band
in the first half of 2005.

This is the first time he spoke/wrote about the *new* album like it
was a done deal.  Now I'm really afraid we won't see it!  ;0

What will the name of the band be called?

 >THE BOY WHO HEARD MUSIC is a short story I finished some time ago. It will
not be the title of the next Who album. It is not autobiographical. It is a
continuation of the LIFEHOUSE chronicles, and features the LIFEHOUSE METHOD
(music generated from data gathered from various individuals). I hope to
develop this as an animation feature with music in the second half of 2005.
I would also like to see a concert version. With everything
LIFEHOUSE-related I know I must dream on.

Okay...  We may get a solo album from Pete based on this concept.   Like how
Chronicles was put together.   I'm guessing that in order to promote this
he will have to tour with Roger and Who2 like he did with Iron Man, Psycho-D,
Cool-Walking...., Lifehouse Chronicles, Scoop III....

 >WHO HE? While I write songs and short stories I also work on this, my
autobiography. I am really enjoying this, and would do what Bob Dylan has
done and put out my early years first, were it not for the fact that I was
arrested early in 2003. My autobiography now offers me the chance to lay
down my life story and place recent events in proper context. I have had a
long and lumbering life - this book will take time.

Okay.  I encourage him to hold what I view as a *swan song*.   I'd rather he
wait to write this when he can't/won't create more music.   I'd rather have
more music than books.   He should keep good notes, or have Matt do it so
this important book come to life eventually.

 >A DIFFERENT BOMB. This is the book I spoke about that was in preparation
when I was arrested in early 2003. This small book is about the impact and
danger of child-porn on the internet: essays about and interviews with
casualties of abuse or survivors like myself. I have shelved it. I can't
venture publicly into this area again.

Not sure I remember ADB as a book.  More of an essay.   I may have missed
if the essay was just a piece from a larger project.   I would shelve it too,
at least until he is removed from the sex-offenders list.

 >QUADROPHENIA. There is exciting news in the wind about Quadrophenia and its
theatrical life. The development during 2002 with Trevor Nunn for the
National Theatre hiccupped, but various provincial British theatres have
shown very serious interest in mounting a production. There is also an
investigation of its theatrical potential by a major American producer.

While I like Quad the album and the tour they did in '96 & '97, I don't know
how this will come off.  I really enjoyed Tommy on Broadway, mostly because it
was packed with Who music from the Tommy Album.   Quad the movie did not have
a song-for-song match with the album, and relied much more on the strength of
the story and the characters.   I'll take it though.  ;-)

 >BRAND NEW. I am also talking to Des McAnuff (who must be the busiest man on
earth) about a new musical spectacular for Las Vegas. We've been talking
about doing this since we mounted Tommy on Broadway back in 1993. It's
getting closer.

I assume this is related to QUADROPHENIA paragraph.   Des did a great job with
Tommy, so who better than him?

 >TODAY. Hope that explains the various strands of my activity right now.
Mainly, I spend every day in my studio writing songs. Occasionally, I get
two or three hours in on my life story. I'm very much enjoying this creative

Good to hear Pete!   Do you want any company in your studio.  I could tune 
and run a mixing board and chase after pics, etc.   How about it?

Joe in Philly 

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