Tommy's Horns

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Tue Nov 9 08:31:20 CST 2004

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> What I'd like to know is how different was their first attempt at playing
> Tommy live and how long did they try it before switching to the format
> used throughout 1970?

I found what I was talking about.  This is a part of Pete's introduction to
Tommy from a 1969 Filmore East show:

"This is a bit unprecidented in our career.  But, we like played it one way
and didn't like it, so we're going to play it another way and maybe we'll
like it better."

So, it seems that this was the start of live Tommy the way we know it.  I'm
not sure which of the (according to five
Fillmore East shows this is, but when I first heard the comment I wondered
what the first way of playing Tommy was.  Then that Detroit Free Press
writer mentioned John playing french horn and bass simultaneously and I
figured that must be what Pete was talking about.  Bruce, do you know
anything about this initial, abandoned attempt at Tommy?

Jim M

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