Another Simpson Article Mentions The Who

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Mon Nov 8 07:37:51 CST 2004

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Subject: Another Simpson Article Mentions The Who


Yes, but is it true?  The article states:

"Some, however, steadfastly clung to the idea that a real band was a real 
band. When the Who began performing the rock opera "Tommy" in concert in 
1970, its members rearranged the work for hard-rock quartet, with John 
Entwistle using one hand to play French horn on the overture, and the other 
to tap the strings of his bass."
There's certainly no french horn to be found on Leeds, IOW or the Tanglewood 
and Amsterdam boots, for that matter.  I remember a comment Pete made on a 
boot to the effect that they had changed the way they play Tommy live 
(possibly Filmore), but that must have been very early on.  Has anyone 
encountered a boot of them playing Tommy with horns?

Jim M

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