Live My Gen. '73, yo Scott

Bruce bkawak at
Sun Nov 7 21:45:27 CST 2004

> Right.  Both versions, being unreleased, would have been considered
> "rare."  Why choose the inferior "rarer" version?  Unless, as you 
> speculate,
> it was a time constraint issue, & they just *had* to have "My Generation."
> Other thoughts:  Someone had to produce this song for the broadcast.
> They had to bounce a version down to tape & add the sweetened aud-
> ience noise at the beginning & end, as well as the "DJ's" intro & outro.
> Now, what was the quality of the version used?  Were the master tapes
> used?  A copy?  A good copy?  A crappy *mono* copy?  Any crappy
> copy would've gotten crappier when it was bounced down to tape with
> the added audience noise & DJ talk.
> *Or,* maybe what we hear on this tape *is* the best quality that's avail-
> able.  Bruce, if you'll notice, the DJ's voice-over is clear & dynamic 
> (sonic-
> ally speaking).  The *song's* dynamics seem narrow in comparison.  So,
> it's not the radio-produced source tape that is lacking in dynamics - the 
> DJ
> voice-overs prove that.  Maybe the live recording, the original, is simply
> bad.  But it's hard to believe there wasn't a stereo version that could've
> been used.
> Similarly, the KBFH/Philly recording isn't sonically jaw-dropping, either.
> It sounds *very* similar to this other version of "My Generation."

I finally found my copy of a KBFH late 90s broadcast.  It's a hour show that 
has the regular version of My Gen.  This broadcast is quite different from 
the '74 broadcast in both content and sound quality:

49m commercials edited out.  WIDE separation, louder guitar, no echo/reverb. 
The original B-cast sounds like it was recorded at the back of a stadium, 
this is front row.  Times include dialogue and channels are reversed. 
(Guitar left, Bass right)

Can't Explain 2:48 (includes 30 seconds of tuning up not on original B-cast)
RD: "Here's some of our old favorites, Summertime Blues!"
S. Blues 3:28
RD: "Thank You, Thank You Philly.  Here's a song featuring a geezer whose 
done a lot on his own, and a awful lot with the 'OO,  John Entwistle.  Our 
favorite one, My Wife."
My Wife 7:07
RD: "The Ox, Don't Be Shy"
RD: "I think of all the cities in America apart from New York and Detroit 
Philly was the first to hear this one from the 'orrible 'OO My Generation!"
My Generation 6:26
PT: "?? in joke.  and uh being mod meant more in England... (you know the 
rest.  it is unedited word's like bullshit and left in)
I Am The Sea/The Real Me 8:15
PT: "This song's called Drowned"
Drowned 8:57
Pinball 2:45
WGFA 8:39 (major audio change.  The channels are reversed back to what they 
should be (guitar right, bass left) however the separation is not near as 
wide.  The bass loses it's punch and guitar bleeds over both channels.  This 
may have been tacked on at the end using the late 90s compilation KBFH 
released that included this song.)

I have an original KBFH promo CD from '88 from this show and it sounds like 
the bootlegs if a little better.  This sounds sonically head over heels 
better, call it almost Leeds quality.  Whoever mixed this in '74 did an 
awful job.


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