Cooking with The Who

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Sun Nov 7 08:14:18 CST 2004

A really interesting article in The Guardian by
Caroline Boucher about the eating habits of 70's
British rockers at:,9950,1342317,00.html

contains this bit about The Who:

...The Who - despite their guitar-smashing reputation
- were comparative homebodies from the early days
because they were all married. Pete Townshend lived on
the river in Chiswick, brewed tea and made home-made
wine in the downstairs loo; Roger Daltrey lived in the
country and was amazingly good at doing up houses
himself and cooking. Keith Moon, the drummer, was a
law unto himself. One afternoon in the early Seventies
I arrived to interview him at his house in the
country. Various cars he'd wrecked littered the long
drive and when I eventually found him he was riding a
donkey over whose head he'd rigged up some wing
mirrors. We sat by the pool, into which he'd earlier
driven the lawn mower, and watched the poolside fridge
endlessly disgorge ice cubes - he'd broken that too.
Moon rarely ate, getting his nourishment from booze...

-Brian in Atlanta
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