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Chancellor Gives Charity Record A £4m Vat Boost 
By Nick Mead, PA News 

Chancellor Gordon Brown today announced that the
Treasury is to refund the VAT paid on purchases of a
new DVD of the 1985 Live Aid concert and a remix CD of
the song Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Live Aid organiser Sir Bob Geldof called the donation,
expected to be worth upwards of £4 million, “a
remarkable gesture”.

Mr Brown said: “Ever since its launch 20 years ago,
Band Aid has had a huge impact, raising the plight of
the world’s poorest and raising funds to help them.

“More than that, Band Aid has won millions to the
cause of fighting global poverty.

“I want to do everything I can to support their work
and so people can buy the DVD and record this
Christmas knowing that all the money they spend will
go to support the vital work of the Band Aid Trust in
the poorest countries of Africa.”

Sir Bob said: “It will be a hugely significant sum of
money that will help alleviate the misery of the
hungry in Africa.”

The donation is expected to be worth around £4 million
if the DVD, released tomorrow, sells 500,000 copies
and the Band Aid 20 CD sells 1 million.

The remixed CD, featuring Duran Duran, Phil Collins,
Bananarama, Boy George and George Michael, will be out
next month, 20 years after the release of the

The Tory government in 1985 agreed to make a donation
to charities working in Ethiopia and Chad equivalent
to the VAT collected on sales of the original 1984
Band Aid record Do They Know It’s Christmas?

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