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Mumba gets role in IRA movie
SAMANTHA MUMBA is to star alongside Vinnie Jones and
Roger Daltrey in a film about an IRA bomber trying to
escape his violent past, writes Jan Battles.

The €3.25m film, Johnny Was, is about a
second-generation Irish terrorist who turns his back
on the IRA after having a crisis of conscience when a
bomb he plants injures civilians. However, his former
colleagues track him down to a London flat where he is
laying low and put him under pressure do one last job
for the cause. 

The pop singer is to play the girlfriend of a
crack-dealing Jamaican who finds herself falling in
love with the IRA man, played by Jones, while he is
hiding out in Brixton. Mumba, 21, will play Rita, who
lives with the drug dealer in the flat downstairs. 

Gerard McSorley, who won best actor at the Iftas last
week, plays Flynn, the bomber’s sociopathic former
comrade and mentor, who breaks out of Brixton prison
hell bent on derailing the Irish peace process with a
few well-placed bombs. Daltrey, founder of the Who and
actor in films such as the rock musical Tommy, plays
another lowlife called Jimmy. 

“Rita is basically a drug addict,” said Mumba. “It’s a
totally different role to the past two things I’ve
done, but that’s what I’m most excited about. When I
read the script I loved it immediately. I think it’s
going to be an incredible movie. 

“I’m looking forward to working with Vinnie because
I’ve met him a few times and we’ve always got on
really well. I think there’s a really good cast coming

Mumba was tipped for Hollywood stardom when she landed
a role in the 2002 movie The Time Machine, made by
Steven Spielberg’s company Dreamworks. 

Earlier this year, she filmed Boy Eats Girl, a
low-budget horror movie where she played Jessica, a
teenager whose boyfriend dies and comes back as a

“I haven’t done any acting training at all. I’m kind
of just feeling my way as I go along,” said Mumba.
“I’m really enjoying it and liking the challenge.”

-Brian in Atlanta
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